Mood boosting infusion produced by multiple award winning Cheshire Saffron Company with our very own British grown Saffron

Why Saffron Infusion for mood?

Saffron cultivation and its use date back several thousand years. One of its many uses was to help lift low mood and combat anxiety. The earliest evidence for this dates back over 2,500 years in an Assyrian botanical dictionary

In recent years a number of scientific studies have actually indicated its effectiveness for lifting mood and combatting anxiety.

Why Glee Tea

Saffron is the world's most precious food product. As such it is quite often mixed with other less expensive ingredients, of unknown origin, age and quality.

Our Saffron is award winning and used by world class chefs and discerning food lovers throughout the UK.

Grown by plant biologist Dr Pete Gould and brother Doug we are obsessed with producing a truly special spice. 

Our Saffron is blended with the finest teas carefully selected from a number of the World's oldest plantations. 



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